Pin Vote Winner: A Chance for Bliss

Well, through a combination of letter-writing, comments, and organizing their followers, it was an easy win for A Chance for Bliss.  Well more than half of all the votes were for them. So A Chance for Bliss wins this one!

They’re well-organized, heavily followed, and intensely dedicated to their cause – and should be.  Sometimes people forget that animal companions are for life – I mean, look at me, dumped in front of a shelter and off they went. (I barely remember them, to be honest.)

A Chance for Bliss will receive the percentage of profit from the Socks Army Pins. But if you voted for another charity, don’t be shy about sending them a little donation as well. Again, the other four charities were:

Illinois Valley Cat Taxi,  Animals in DistressBig Cat Rescue, and Ingrid’s Haven.

Congratulations to all the charities we highlighted with this – here’s hoping they all benefit from it.

The pins will be available VERY soon.