The 2011 Megameow

Pennycat here.

Yes, the rumors are true, I’m mostly retired from tweeting – much too time-consuming when I’ve worked so hard in my life to get the incredibly comfortable chairs around the house just perfect. (The Gray Ones know exactly which ones are mine and clear off immediately when they hear me coming.) But ol’ fluffhead with the pretty face has been keeping up his army for quite some time now, and when he lets loose with some call to arms, they all just come out of the woodwork.

So imagine my surprise when he puts out a call for twitter followers to let him know about cats or other people who have passed on – a very touching thought, in the abstract.  But the realistic situation is many people have lost loved ones of all sorts, and when you have a million and a half people who adore you (for whatever reason), the well-wishing just comes flooding in. And flooding in. And flooding in more.

So here I am to clean up the mess. The following tweets came in today and represent socks’ megameow to those no longer with us:
rich gomez @sockington my fave cat in the whole world just passed by the rainbow bridge few months ago. I still miss Lime so much. :(

Shiva @sockington shiva and squirt, Alaskan Mals that like cats chased evil squirrels from the yard

Terra Milo @sockington I lost my special little girl, Voogaman. She was an expert mouser and a sweet sister to Lemon. Thanks for the shout-out.

I'm Andy, Bad Andy My brofur Jim passed away & mama has some more info:

John McDaniel @sockington El Gato Negro. My tiny, ferocious best friend. You will always be remembered as the cutest, snuggliest and deadliest best friend

Patty Housel @sockington lost my best friend of 24 yrs Spot on 10/12/10 and miss her kitty face every day

Natasha King-Gee @sockington I lost 3 pets in 3 months…. (Old age not a tragic accident or bad parenting I will just add) sad times :(

Say Ban-shee @sockington Psst.. Can we get a shout-out for Ron Patterson, co-creator of the Renaissance Faire and friend. Passed 01/15/2011

icicle @sockington Meow-out to fallen gray homie Simon? Survived two strokes & death of his favorite person. Slayed countless vermin.

Maaike @sockington my cat lost her way last caturday, luckily my neighbour found her back and the end of the day.

John Alford @sockington I lost my bestest pal Loki after only eight short months of life. Heartbroken but at least I still have Dio (his brother)

Lily T sockington A really wonderful cat @Ryker_Tyker went OTRB in Nov, 2010. A shout-out for him would be pawsome! Thanks!

Lori @sockington My cat Ollie is on the mend from kidney stone surgery.

Gaby Cohen @sockington I lost my cat Lutke nearly 3 years ago but it would have been his 21st last Saturday. I still miss him loads

Jane @sockington lost my lovely black fluffy Brush to traffic accident Sun night. He was only 4 and we’re all heartbroken. Megameow, please!

Ann Huntington @sockington 1 year ago I had 3 – 18yr old cats. Jackson and Noppy are gone, but at 19 Enfield is still hanging in. Love him, love them all.

Jan-jan @sockington our fluffy long hair orange cat, Louie, died back in December. He will be missed!

Dainty Inferno@sockington Please shout out my baby kitty, Storm, who left us in December after 19.5 wonderful years together. Momma and RePete miss him!

Stephen Miller @sockington lost my big sweet (feline) guy, cubby in november. i still ache for his kisses.

adie brand @sockington I lost my fish Mr. Bubbles last month

Polly Harrold @sockington So sweet — I recently lost my dear companion of 14 years, a handsome tabby named Spalding.

Angel @sockington @HollyCatRocks We lost our beloved rat Burton Guster on Mon., Jan 3rd this year.

Pret Pret Pairbon @sockington I lost my little Pygmy hedgehog boy, Bonty, a few months ago. Still miss him loads :’(

Teri Christopher @sockington A true miracle cat @CuteKittyWillie left us the morning after Christmas.

Cindy Sangster @sockington I lost Ming the Merciless – a beautiful black girl with yellow eyes after 14 and a half years. Miss her terribly.

CRS @sockington My sister, @Angels58100 lost her cat named Kitty. She was the sweetest, most loving furbaby. She’s missed.

Monica Hays @sockington army member Julien fought the good fight until Oct 22 when a brain tumor took him at 8 years young. I miss my jubee.

Mike Kurfis @sockington Lost our beloved German kitty Maggie this week. She was 16.

Honeymink Foxmeister @sockington From tiny kitten to 15 years old I shared life and times with a wise, feisty, adorable cat. Jonson was his name. Miaw my kitster

CatsPolitics @sockington Hi Socks, the wonderful @Mulder_Cat of#muldersporch#pawcircle fame passed away just a few wks ago, @Staffpurrson misses him

Lawvin Hadisi @sockington my baby milo passed away from a heart conidition couple weeks ago! He had extra toes he was special ps he’s a cat hahah

Amy @sockington Swipper was a beloved buddy of ours who took his ride on the eternal milk truck. Honor our fallen hero please

Yvonne Isom @sockington We lost our cat Tasche just before Christmas.

Steena Dee @sockington we lost 2 furry friends in the last 3 months. They are greatly missed, but I know they’re watching over us, probably laughing…

Linda Robertson @sockington for my daughter’s sweet Sammie…an angel with fluffy black fur sent by Charlie, to ease her g

Ellanie Sampson @sockington @RaniOldCat went OTRB in 2010. He was very special.

Chimp le Singe @sockington we lost George our cat he was 21 & Millie she was 16! Thanks Sockington we love you!

Rebecca Leach @sockington I lost my cat, Piper. He was 16 and got cancer. :(

Katie Courson @sockington My awesome cat Murgatroyd to cancer :( see profile pic)

Ella Barrington @sockington Can I have a megameow please? My boyfriend passed away on 30thDec & my kitty Stripey has been the best cuddle buddy ever since!

Devon Scootle @sockington megameaws to the Millie giest she passed a little before Christmas, she knew it was her job to yowl the sun up and the sun down.  Millie did a mean lady gaga impersonation of Bad romance . Yowl yowl youla roul a youla rowla scrowl, scrowl scrowl ra ra scrowl

Christine Haas @sockington We @Sturdycat @Cyclepaws and @Spursfan_rmj8lost our grandmother on Monday, it would be great to give her a Meowout, thank

Bill Detty @sockington My beautiful girl cat Zoe passed OTRB on 1/17 and we miss her terribly.

cherilynn domer @sockington lost my nephew Sockington! We called him Bubba…. only 23

Connie @sockington I lost Ollie in the past two weeks (

Shelly B @sockington would love a megameow for Andy Katt – he was one cool kitty!

Cheyla @sockington “Baby Girl” elderly Calico & “Boss” of stray community here bravely crossed Rainbow Bridge on 1 Dec 10 due to cardiac arres

Heather @sockington I lost my cat Chub back in October 2010 due to a tumor. Me and my son miss him very much.

Sal M @sockington my friend lost her chinchilla Peek-a-boo last month

P @sockington Can you please give a shout out to my dearest @Holliecatrocks who went to RB in November thank you.

Debbie Longworth @sockington Our precious 15 year old ‘SNOOP’ died 2 wks ago. Had her since she was 5 wks old!

Karen Hillerman @sockington Ernie Cat 12/13/10

Evie @sockington my 18 year old ebony is having fits send her megameows to make her better! Vets tomorrow! I LOVE HER! I’m her fatty! :*

tvcat1 @sockington My sweet boy Smokey! 14 1/2 yrs rip 11-2-10 Such a sweet cat! I miss him so much! xoxo

Karen Patton @sockington Would love a mega-shout-out for my beautiful, quirky little tortie girl, Lyric. 1992-2010.

Muffin Whitmore @sockington oh plz, could you shout out to my fur-niece and nephews. Danielle, Rocky and Timmy. they died in December. thanks ;-)

Jennifer Beatty @sockington Two Furry brethren passed on to the big litterbox in the sky “Spots” the man beast and “Mickey” the lady lovemuffin

Gus TheDog @sockington my brofur Murray-the-Cat was a big cool dude who went OTRB when he was just shy of 16 we all miss him every day

scottbishop @sockington @margosunshine and I lost are beloved cat Mama back in October. A megameow would be lovely, thanks.

Rose Copell @sockington I lost my grama this fall. She always had and loved cats – even the cranky ones. Some of my earliest cat memories come from her.

Rocky and Pebbles @sockington we would love a megameow for our nanny

dana moody @sockington dear socks, my bff @HollieCatRocks made the journey OTRB 2 months ago today. Thank you so much!!

hybridGlow @sockington He was abandoned, skinny, & cancerous, but so appreciative of indoors, humans, & laps. I miss him badly. Thx for asking.

Scott Sandy @sockington We lost our kitty Al yesterday after 18 great years.

Jacki @sockington Lost my sweet Cadence in December. She was still just a wee one.

honeychild pleaz @sockington Lost my little pet hedgehog Tom Travolta a few months ago. He seemed to have escape during apartment moving day :( :( :(

Dale Blair @sockington We lost Whiskers – she was 19 and had a good 9 lives. Thanks for the megameows

Angie Schweishelm @sockington RIP Felix

o design studio @sockington okay MEGAMEOW please out to KATHLEEN

Susan Newton @sockington lost my beautiful Sebastian. She was a LH Orange tab I rescued 15 yrs ago. Sweet sweet soul.

Cricket Zimmerman @sockington One of my humans recently lost a good friend of hers to breast cancer. A Megameow would mean a lot to her. :-)

K. Francks @sockington I lost my lovely 12 yr. old Holly to kidney failure. It was devastating. Swore I’d never get another cat but Wiley is here now.

CG CARRILLO @sockington Kan-Pai & I lost our Moshi-Moshi. I think Kan-Pai is still heart broken. Kan-pai & Moshi-moshi on Twitpic

Amy Barnhart @sockington We had a big maine coone cat on our farm that we haven’t seen for a couple weeks. Merlin was a beautiful kitty, too… :(

sean cannon @sockington I’m afraid we had to send our 15year old cat to the litter tray in the sky today please mega meow for him in valhalla

Lori Machado @sockington I lost 2 of my kitties. Benjamin(8) and Spanky (17). I miss them dearly!!

CarolH @sockington In October we said goodbye to OSCAR, who ran our house for 15 years. Now NOBODY is running it and things are going to heck.

Callie Machan @sockington My little cat, Spike, crossed to RB June 7 2010 Would really appreciate a megameow – thx you *hugs*

Anxiety Diaries @sockington lost my two cats Elvis and Harley :( going through some hard times right now and could really use their cuddles :(

Lonnie Velliquette @sockington Despite losing her over 4 years ago, it will always feel like it was just yesterday. i hope your humanfriends love U very much.

Liz Gillum @sockington Penny & Tuppence lost their mummy…she went to the angels, but they had to find a new home. Miaows to Penny & Tuppence please

ohaaay @sockington this morning my dad lost his best friend and he was like a second father to me. I feel like its impossible for us to smile atm

Cheryl Durante @sockington Lost my beautiful cat Serenity. She lived a wonderful 18 years. I would truly appreciate a meow out to her. Thanks, Socks!

Penny Dreadful @sockington My friend Chris passed away at the end of December. I’m sure he would love a megameow. :)

Sharon @sockington 2 cousins 59 and 61 years old died sickle anemia

yes ican @sockington i was at college n wen i returned home for my vacation, my cat was gone. I miss him very much :

hybridGlow @sockington Avalon Avalokiteshvara-kitty, most determinedly domesticated of cats, put to sleep w/ 1 claw hooked into my red trousers Jan 12.

Sophie Chaplin @sockington my pooch would’ve had you easy but she ded now *sob*

Christy Scherrep @sockington I had to put my oldest cat Baby to sleep last July. He loved tuna, sitting on the couch w/ me, (cont)

Evan Adnams @sockington Cassie died a few months back :( @suzviews cat

Christie Yant @sockington My friend @johnremy lost his dear cat friend Toby Joy just yesterday. She was, by all accounts, a true joy.

Lonnie Velliquette @sockington i lost my very best catfriend 4 years & 6 days ago. Her name was Callie and she enjoyed eating, sleeping, & being grumpy.

Susan Tanner @sockington Lost beloved Triscuit, also known around our house as Miss Kitty a few months ago – she was 19.

Mark @sockington hey socks, a long time member of your UK army left us just before Xmas, Alix aka Colonel Whiskers. He is dearly missed.

Tammy List @sockington my monster cat Ari died, 17 yrs old and hissing til the last moment at the doctor. I miss him terribly

Samantha Church @sockington: a lot of people last year. At least 3 this year. People who were close to me and very dear to my heart. And always will be. <3

Jen Ramsdale @sockington Lost my dear cat of 12 years “Fluffy” last summer. I put up a memorial stocking for her this past Christmas.

Michael Dillow @sockington my precious Catherine got stolen from me. I’d appreciate even one megameow for her safe return home.

Susan Campbell @sockington Lost my mom, then my aging, cat-loving white shepherd/yellow lab step-dog three days later. I hope they’re in the same heaven!

Carole Hinders @sockington lost our 13 year old dog on January 2

Margaret D @sockington thank you Sockington! Sadly, RIP George (of avatar here) and my friend @ kaorita lost Miko. #cancersucks for kitties too

Stacy Weathers @sockington I recently lost my cat pumpkin he was 25 lbs. and 18 years old!

sheryl @sockington we lost our Carrot January 2nd. still crushed.

Daniel @sockington i love my shadow! RiP shadow

Richie TTT @sockington. We lost our beloved cat of 5 years “Wok” last week. RIP little kitty. We miss you.

Bootsy Cat @sockington I lost my cat Boots to feline leukemia around Halloween.

Caitlin Barron @sockington i also said bye to my cats kittens. they got new homes now :(

miss lyss @sockington My great-grandmother passed away in June; she was such a funny, bright, sweet lady, and she is very missed

Student Doctor Mav @sockington Lost my daddy in November. But his friends donated over $1100 in his memory to the local animal shelter. He loved animals. =)

Edie Cockrell @sockington my beautiful cat Badger. Who knew when she was a kitten, that she would actually grow to the size of a badger. Miss her.

Margaret Kay @sockington We lost Pip, AKA Fatboy. Gone but never forgotten.

Celestine Angel @sockington lost my kitty in August, she’s gone to munch from the kibble bowl in the sky. RIP Rat.

Amy Kowalczyk @sockington We lost Taylor (black lab) in December. She was a dog but always gave cats 1st crack at fresh tuna. :)

Betty Widerski @sockington our cat Mocha died suddenly/unexpected in his sleep in Nov. only with us a yr – he was 2yo.

Lesley Taylor @sockington We lost little Miss Biscuits a few days before Christmas, we miss her x


#1 LydiaNo Gravatar on 01.26.11 at 3:42 pm

Hugs to all those who’ve lost their furry friends.

#2 Chris from TexasNo Gravatar on 01.26.11 at 3:52 pm

Thanks Penny, it was nice of you to help out the Grey Diablo. Looks like a lot of nice people lost a lot of nice people and pets. I hope they all rest in peace, thank you.

#3 larrouxgirlNo Gravatar on 01.26.11 at 4:10 pm

Miss Penny, you are truly a lady and a reluctant friend to His Nibs. Condolences, hugs and assurances of happier tomorrows to all who lost loved ones…furry or otherwise… recently. Love is always a good investment.

#4 mariodacatNo Gravatar on 01.26.11 at 4:30 pm

So very nice of you to post this memorial. Several of the animals mentioned above we knew and loved. Especially @HollieCatRocks, a very dear friend. I know they are at peace now and are happy with all their friends OTRB. They’ll never be forgotten.

#5 MiareevaNo Gravatar on 01.26.11 at 4:36 pm

*hugs* to all who have lost a furry or non-furry friend. My Zuzu cat died January 13, 2010 and I miss her terribly.

Thank you for being such awesome cats Pennycat & Sockington (and Sockelganger too). You have nice humans.

#6 Honeybell @WildboutbirdsNo Gravatar on 01.26.11 at 5:54 pm

Great job Pennycat and Sockington! Megameows and PawPower
My 2 friends @buckypg and @HollieCatRocks and so many others have made the journey to RB. I miss them yet they are here with us always! Tomorrow, my cousin, Shoofly must also join the crowd at the bridge. I want to send him a Megameow! I love him and miss him!

#7 CheylaNo Gravatar on 01.26.11 at 6:12 pm

. . .until Rainbow Bridge

#8 megNo Gravatar on 01.26.11 at 6:28 pm

Just reminds me of how our animal friends enrich our lives. Many would be so lonely if not for a furry friend who loves them no matter what. Priceless!

#9 HollieCatRocksNo Gravatar on 01.26.11 at 10:25 pm

Pennycat and Sockington, thank you for the Megameows. Sammy, Bucky, Ryker, Rusty, CM, and so so many others have made the journey to RB, Megameows to all! A Megameow to my dear friend Honeybell cousin, Shoofly who is joining us at the bridge.

#10 ThomasNo Gravatar on 01.27.11 at 8:26 am

nice page :)

cats are wonderous, and are very soulfull :)

#11 tvcat1No Gravatar on 01.27.11 at 1:43 pm

Thank you so much for doing the mega memorial! Great idea! My boy Smokey got his Sockington shout out.

#12 Julie ManganoNo Gravatar on 01.27.11 at 2:36 pm

Thanks so much for mentioning @cutekittywillie. So many people have lost anipals that are dear to them, and remembering these pets as you do is a lovely tribute.

#13 richNo Gravatar on 01.27.11 at 3:01 pm

Thanks for including my shout-out for my beloved cat which unfortunately passed away. This is great idea Socks… it kinda help people like me who misses our pets who crossed the rainbow bridge already.

Regards to Penny and your son Tweetie. :)

#14 CariNo Gravatar on 01.28.11 at 6:23 am

Hugs and love to all whose friends are OTRB

and please send a late meowout to Charlie, Carolyn’s cat who passed over on Tuesday. He was only four years old and suffered sudden heart failure. RIP Charlie xx

#15 veraNo Gravatar on 01.29.11 at 7:40 pm

Thanks for your caring, Penny, Socks & Li’l One and – over all – Jason. It’s so reassuring to know there’s anyone like you around. :)

#16 DinaNo Gravatar on 02.02.11 at 12:10 pm

Well done, Penny and Socks.