Sockington “Wisdom” on T-shirts

While I do admit I’m slow to adopt to new technology, never let it be said that this girl isn’t willing to give things a whirl, especially if it means more catfood. A company called “Twitshirt” has a service where people can point to twitter and have these various “tweets” printed on a shirt. Why would people do this? Beats me. But it has two things going for it: humans seem to love buying pointless t-shirts, and every shirt people buy goes to my paypal account, for later investment.

So if you go to Sockington’s Twitshirt page and browse around, you can have his tweets put on clothing for yourself. And I get paid! What could be easier?

Also, I do stress that it’s me¬†getting paid here; Socks has no idea I’m doing this, and I think that’s for the best. Could you imagine what he’d buy if given half the chance? Best to keep the little nerd in the dark.


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#1 mikaelaNo Gravatar on 05.13.09 at 2:53 pm

a shirt with his quotes would be awesome! ^_^