Additional Testimonies from the Army

A few more folks came along to wish Socks well after hitting a hundred thousand followers.

A nice photo was contributed by Tony Oban.

Erika Anderson has contributed the following parody:

I am the very model of the modern cat in general

Many times have I cornered Baron Shakymouse against a wall

I own many toys of both the dangly and the jingly kind

On a basement safari, who knows exactly what I’ll find

I am very well acquainted too with matters Pennycat-i-cal

We both poop in a box that seems to be quite magical

Keep treats coming from valuable staff member…umm…..Jason

and you’ll get many cheerful tweets from Master Sockington

I, Socks, have a mighty army over 100,000 strong

Now listen for a minute while Rudy squawks a little song

Regularly I will suddenly run man-i-cally down the hall

For I am the very model of a modern cat in general

Also, on a sadder note, EvilSock sent along some photos of his own departed cat, who was also named Socks.


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#1 JodiNo Gravatar on 03.13.09 at 7:29 pm

Happy 100k! We may be dogs, but we’re cat-friendly.